hi ;)

I’m here again for more updates on the files to add
Yes, i know…what was i doing all this time?
Why it took me so long?
Well guess what?
I was reading manga and watching anime hihihi …among other things
Lately I’ve come to realize there’s a lot of people in manga who dies or hit in a car accident..
like it’s always the same things
Makes me wonder is the mortality by traffic accident rate is really high in Japan?
And when the main Male character(specifically him to make our heart go, AAWWW!!) always finds a cat or dog by the side of the road.
Most likely SPCA(in CANADA : Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) doesn’t exist.
Finally, at last, all the files that i was hiding in my D:drive are online
I’ll update once and while to add more files and fix some bugs(missing, deleted files)

how to use the mediafire storage

type the name of the mangaka or the title (most of the time in rōmaji or you can surf around until you find something you like 😉
separated as:


SHOUJO – SEINEN – SHOUNEN – JOSEI – ETC (humm… i’ll need to separate tho



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