De retour… I am back


so kawaiiYes indeed

But with a lot of changes on this blog.

My interest about about manga (more hentai and yaoi 😛 ) didn’t withered with lots of changes that about in the scanlate scene, it became more difficult to share that passion with the rest of the world. Mostly because of the millenium act, copyright infringement BOOHOO. So all the files(zip, rar manga) i had stored will be kept for my personal use. Even the website i dearly liked (my pusher lol) was taken down. Actually hacked. Yes you may which website i’m talking about.

Anyway, let’s leave that to the past and move on for other interests.

I will still read manga, but at a less pace than before. I still watch anime, but not a lot catches my interests.


So boring getting old lol

Anyway(voice of Meow’s Otōto Space Dandy ep. 10 lol)

In the future, you will mostly hear me dropping few lines giving few advice about online websites…

so stay tuned to hear me out about online dating or relationship in general.


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