5 Signs Of A Desperate Woman



Women have a desire to be loved and cared for, yet there are some things that desperate women do that can actually mess up their dating lives and cause men to become distant and aloof. Here’s a list of 5 warning signs to help you determine if a woman is desperate for a date or relationship. 

1. She wants everything you want
At first, having a woman who wants whatever you want, thinks whatever you think seems great. Soon enough, you’ll get tired of dating someone without opinions, without interests and without an identity.

2. She has no particular type of guy
A desperate woman is not looking for that certain someone so much as she’s looking for that certain anyone. She’s a persistent serial dater and her past is a continuous series of relationships–and all of her boyfriends are very different from each other.

3. She’s on a self-imposed timeline
A desperate woman wants to get married as soon as possible and will have everything planned for the sucker that falls into her trap. After just a couple of dates, she’ll want you to meet her parents, and after a few more weeks, she’ll be telling “I love you.” The next week, she’ll be picking out the color of her bridesmaids’ dresses and the names of her future children.

4. She’s constantly fishing for compliments
The desperate woman has emotional baggage
, low self-esteem, a poor self-image and needs to constantly hear how great she is and be assured of things. It won’t take long for you to get tired of constantly stroking her ego.

5. She will overly call, email, and text you
The desperate woman makes the fatal mistake of overly calling, emailing or sending you text messages early in a relationship, even when you haven’t returned any of her messages. What these women don’t realize is that guys find it annoying when they’re having their phone blown up with excessive calls, text messages and emails more than several times a day.

Interested in the other side of the coin? Check out our article on the https://kuroiningyohime.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/10-signs-of-a-desperate-man/




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