Is she Serious about you?

Is she Serious about you?



Relationships are complicated, but when mixed signals begin floating around, it can seem impossible to figure out whether or not your partner is really serious about you. If you’re unsure whether your partner is in it for the long haul or just keeping busy until someone else comes along, these tips will help you decide when it’s time for you to look elsewhere for love.

 1. She doesn’t make you a priority
You constantly get stood up or she cancels on you at the last minute and offers up no good reasons. She treats the relationship like a game and doesn’t seem too bothered when you go days without seeing each other. She doesn’t respond to your calls or texts with much enthusiasm and you might even get the impression that she’s forgotten all about you.

2. She has too many guy friends
A few healthy friendships with the opposite sex is not necessarily a bad thing; however, a woman with too many guy friends can cause confusion and drama in a relationship as it indicates that she is not ready to give up her single freedom and is still exploring her options.

3. She doesn’t acknowledge you
When a woman wants you around long term, she’ll let you in on her personal life and bring you around everyone she cares about. However, if her friends and family know nothing about you and you’ve never been a topic of her personal conversations with them, rest assured that she doesn’t think about you much when you’re apart. If she does not acknowledge you as her man then simply put…you’re not her man.

4. She keeps her exes around
You are on a date, her cell phone buzzes, and you see the name “Tommy” brightly flash across the screen. She quickly puts her phone away. You ask her who it was. She says, “Oh it was just a friend.” You let it go. Two weeks later, you find out Tommy was an ex she dated right before she met you. She may genuinely be just friends with her ex, but if she is in regular contact with him (other than children being involved) she may have subconsciously formed a backup plan.

5. She avoids commitment-related conversations
She steers clear of any commitment-related conversations. Whenever the topic falls on defining the relationship, she pulls back, goes quiet or changes the subject leaving you with a sense that she is not as serious as you are. A woman who steers clear of commitment-related conversations has no intention of being serious with you.

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