The Alpha Woman Case(part 3)

8 things to know before living with the alpha female


It’s important to keep in mind that dating each other, and living together are two very different things. Even if you two have weekly sleepovers, the physical move of ALL of your belongings means something new.

Here are some helpful hints to look over before moving in with your Alpha Female girlfriend:

1. If anyone’s moving, it’s probably you.

She likes her apartment; she likes her neighborhood; she likes her things…right where they are. If we’re being honest, it’s probably you who is gonna be doing the moving. Here’s to hoping that you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t mind switching up the scenery: a new apartment will be fun!

2. She will need some alone time…especially in the beginning.

Because Alphas are so independent, she has gotten used to living alone. Sharing “home” space with you might be difficult at first, so try to give her a bit of alone time in the house whenever you can until she adjusts to joint-living quarters. Don’t ask what she does when you’re not there. We all have our own “single” behavior.

3. She has a “side of the bed.”

Even if she hasn’t lived with a boyfriend recently, I assure you that she has a specific side of the bed that she likes. Let’s just hope that it is not the same as yours because I’ll tell ya right now: “your side” will be switching real soon.

4. She will wear the pants.

Here is a word of advice: you’re gonna need to stake out some space early on in the game. Alphas like to run the show so the closet is hers, the bedroom is hers, the bathroom is hers…hell, even the kitchen is hers. Just politely shove your shit in with hers. She’ll get used to it.

5. Don’t be surprised if her neighbors don’t know her.

Alphas are busy ladies! Between her time-consuming job and gym workouts, to busy weekend social events, she never really got around to baking cookies or pies for her new neighbors. She’ll give a polite smile or wave here and there but if you’re looking for the latest update on neighborhood or apartment building gossip – go ask someone else.

6. She has a morning routine.

Her alarm goes off at 7:42 and she leaves the house at 8:36, giving her exactly 54 minutes to shower, blow dry her hair, apply makeup, change, eat breakfast, and run out of the house – coffee in hand. She probably won’t be adjusting her schedule anytime soon because this is just how she’s always done it.

7. She won’t tiptoe around the house.

If your Alpha is just discovering a new habit of yours now that you’re living together, and she doesn’t like it: you will know. She’s not gonna sugar coat how she feels, and she sees no reason to bottle things up. She thinks that being passive aggressive is pointless – and it is!

8. Yes, she will eventually give…a little.

It may seem like all of the adjustments are coming from your end, but try to remind yourself of this: Alphas don’t waste their time lolly-gagging around with “filler-boyfriends,” so moving in with you already means that she’s serious about you. Women with small, or big personalities tend to be better at adapting to change than men are. Give it some time. She’ll give in, and she’ll grow to love having your stinky socks in her underwear drawer.


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