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Hell on Earth… And it Started in Japan

We all heard about what happened in the news what’s going in the pacific ocean area.

I found a useful link to keep track of the latest news. ( click here)

If it’s possible for you send money to Red Cross or any reliable humanitarian organization. Not only Japan but also to countries who were affected by the Tsunami and the Earthquake.

I have family members living in Japan in the Okinawan prefecture, they are safe except with the flood and lack food shipments but they are most worried of what will happen next or even the next day

Japan have a lot of covering because by the high threat level.
Hundreds flee as ash and rock shoots two miles into air, The Shinmoedake volcano in the Kirishima range in south-western Japan erupted. The 8.9-magnitude earthquake was triggered by the resulting seismic activity.
lately, one of the Nuclear pant was caught on fire.

Here’s a link with Satellite images show utter devastation left behind by tsunami of few areas in Japan – BEFORE AND AFTER –

Nuclear plants…
News of a serious radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant has sparked panic buying in Tokyo, as some residents started to leave the capital to escape potential contamination. And there’s like no food left on the shelves. It’s hard to bag find bags of rice or any dry meals. And since everybody is in alert, find food will be hard to find after, local rice and vegetable farmer price might not be available because of the damaged crops and be affected with radiation.

As officials urged people living near the stricken plant to stay indoors, residents in the capital, 150 miles to the south, began preparing for the possibility of a similar lockdown.

The number of people stranded at Narita airport, near Tokyo, rose after airlines canceled flights but officials said there had been no surge in passenger numbers.

Air China cancelled flights to Tokyo from Beijing and Shanghai. Other airlines in the region said they were monitoring the situation but had no immediate plans to cancel services.

South Korea has urged its nationals in Japan to stay away from the quake zone while Germany advised its citizens to consider leaving the country.

The French embassy warned that a radioactive wind could reach Tokyo on Tuesday evening and advised its citizens to leave.

Britain’s Foreign Office advised against all non-essential travel to Tokyo and north-eastern Japan. “Our advice is people should take their lead from the Japanese authorities,” the Foreign Office minister Jeremy Browne told Sky News.

The US state department urged its citizens to avoid tourism and non-essential travel to Japan. “[Our] travel advice is not to go to that part of Japan in any case unless you have an extremely compelling reason for doing so,” it said.

Japan’s government has ordered people within 12 miles of the Fukushima No 1 plant, about 150 miles north-east of Tokyo, to evacuate. Those living between 12 and 19 miles from the plant were told to stay indoors due to fears of exposure to radiation.

At least nine people have tested positive for radiation exposure near Fukushima, but a Nisa official said that number could rise to between 70 and 160. Radioactivity can cause a variety of health problems, from a reddening of the skin and increased cancer risk to fatal radiation sickness. Health officials distributed potassium iodide pills, which protect against thyroid cancers, to residents near the power station. Those unable to leave were advised to limit their exposure by staying indoors and switching off air conditioning or wearing a protective mask if outside.
And there were an alert that if it starts to rain it’s better to stay inside. Acid rain….

My god those guys are so not lucky

Just how much more can one country take ? My sympathy and thoughts are for family members people who are dealing with tragedy and suffering moments, may this beautiful country and culture rise up after all those adversities

On a little note:
Heres a little fanpage link if you want to know if your IDOL is safe(Few of Them);