Batch 1 Yaoi

Ai no Gebokutachi 2007 / 愛の下僕たちby Manga-Ka SAKURAI Shushushu
Groups Scanlating Fantasyshrine

Ai wa Karada de Kataru Mono 2004 / 愛はカラダで語るもの by Manga-Ka TSUKIHARA Mayuri
Groups Scanlating Obsession

Aijin wa Korosareru 2004 v1+v2 / 愛人は殺されるby Manga-Ka UMETAROU
Groups Scanlating Fushichou

Bitter Sweet Cafe 2005 / ビタースイートカフェ by Manga-Ka KANBE Akira
Groups Scanlating Nakama

Love or Pride 2006 /ラブ オア プライド/ 溺爱 by Manga-Ka KANBE Akira
Groups Scanlating Nakama

Otonari Biru ni Koi no Shisen 2006 /お隣りビルに恋の視線 by Manga-Ka KANBE Akira
Groups Scanlating Liquid Passion


Ohayo gozai masu

Another day completed.

Well good news, i just realized i haven’t completed my income tax declaration 2008shocked

and the deadline is april 30th…hihihi

Hum might be a case of lack of sleep for the next few days or beg for one of friends to complete it for me..

Most likely the first option will occur…really.

As i was having my lunch i work, i started to read the newspaper:

1-year-old boy in T-shirt, diaper survives night in woods

i was so shocked, at the same time my sup. came in the kitchen just when i went ballistic lol


Quebec provincial police said it’s a miracle a year-old boy was found in good health after he spent a cold night alone in a forest in the province’s Eastern Townships.

The child spent about 12 hours in the forest Saturday night wearing just a T-shirt and diaper in rainy, five-degree weather.

He was allegedly abandoned by his father Sunday morning, provincial police said.

Authorities got a call from the boy’s mother “telling us that her husband or boyfriend had left the house and was in the vehicle with the one-year-old baby, and that the man had [been drinking], police Sgt. Joyce Kemp said.


Empty vehicle found

Police found the empty vehicle a short while later, and tracked down the father at a hospital in Cowansville early Sunday morning.

That’s when authorities realized the baby was lost in the woods, Kemp said.

“We called on the dog handlers, several teams from the emergency units, and also our helicopter,” she said. Around noon [Sunday] we were able to locate the child in the forest.”

The baby is fine, Kemp said.

The father was arrested and will likely face charges connected to the incident, police said.

Another case of Fathers can be quite useless irresponsable…

well, in another hand….

I failed to understand why there’s always someone in a discussion who has to make it a male vs female issue. Where is the value or necessity in that?

The gender of the parent in this and other case doesn’t matter one iota. The fact of the matter is that there are oodles of repugnant, misfit parents out there who should be sterilized for life; they don’t deserve the precious gift of a child. THIS is the issue at hand; not pitting one gender of parent against the other.

Not that it is acceptable by either parent but it does seem that women always get the pity while the men are hung out to dry.

Last Updated: Thursday, January 22, 2009

The sentencing of a Montreal man who brutally attacked a woman in a metro station has been delayed for a number of months.

The Montreal provincial courthouse was too busy to hold the scheduled sentencing hearing Wednesday for Peter Niedzielski, and it was eventually postponed, the Crown prosecutors’ office said.

Niedzielski pleaded guilty to four assault charges in his 2005 violent attack on Marcia Langleib and several other people in the Snowdon metro station.


Langleib, 55, showed up in court Wednesday for Niedzielski’s sentencing in what she described as a show of courage. “I’m upset,” said the Montreal resident, who suffered brain damage and hasn’t been able to work since the attack.

Niedzielski slammed Langleib’s head into a wall during the incident, breaking several bones in her face and putting her in a coma for two months. Langleib said she cannot concentrate enough to read a book since the attack.

Sentencing arguments for Niedzielski are scheduled for April 17.


He won’t get to jail, he’s sentenced to collectivity work for 2 years and 1 day…

Feel free to comment….

Getting into the trend…

So, finally i decided to open a blog.
Not that i have a tremendous exciting live, lol
It’s just another medium i could use to express myself and share some of my thoughts and the mangas that i have…
So let’s start at the beginning.
I’m a female, 29, living in Montreal-Quebec-Canada. A proud mother of a 5 yr cute old boy.
Je parle francais(which is common in Montreal) and I’m starting to learn Portuguese.

But for a yr and a half ago i got really interested in the japanese culture( movies, food, manga, anime, music, Jdrama)
and i got hooked.

Yaoi (やおい)[nb 1] is a popular term for fictional media that focuses on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships. Originally referring to a specific type of dōjinshi (self-published works) parody of mainstream anime and manga works, yaoi came to be used as a generic term for female-oriented manga, anime, dating sims, novels and dōjinshi featuring homosexual male relationships.

My favorite seme is  Kanou-san in Okane ga Nai

Seme: The seme , seme (“attacker”,攻め or せめ)is often depicted as the stereotypical male of anime and manga culture: restrained, physically powerful, and/or protective. The seme is generally older and taller,with a stronger chin, shorter hair, smaller eyes, and a more stereotypically masculine, even “macho”,demeanour than the uke. The seme usually pursues the uke from the Japanese verb ukeru (“to receive”).

So i’ll like to share the manga i have and some of them were really hard to find.

You will not get all the Manga available out there, only my favorites or those i read before…

but if you have any suggestions on the next title i should read or upload here, feel free to share.

And also i have at least 90G  of manga so please be patient with me until i could all make them available for you 😉2quqhom

so should i start with Yaoi or hentai or ….

Why reach for the Moon when we have the Stars..?

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